Friday, April 20, 2012


Every blog or facebook note I post, I read them a little later and realize how much I run in circles.  I always put questions that believers should ask themselves, or make decent enough points, yet when something stupid happens to me I turn into a pouty little girl.  Well here's another one!  Just kidding... kind of.

So mid march, my bosses at my second job (the brewery) decided to tell me my position was cut at the end of the month to save money for their company.  Living with my parents for so long, whenever I was laid off or in between jobs I always had faith something would come along, which it always did.  But now that I'm out on my own doing the responsible adult type things (which are stupid by the way, haha.) losing half my monthly finances caused me to get into a huge panic.  My friends have been amazing and giving, and I'm extremely thankful for that, so thank you so much to you guys.

Last week, I finally just gave up, a company that trashes you with no appreciation whatsoever does not need hours of me thinking about how stupid they are.  Not only was I way  more negative, it just was exhausting.  I finally let go last week, and literally a day after I prayed and apologized for my selfishness and acknowledged how great my God is, I get a phone call out of the blue from my boss at the bookstore.  He asked if I'd be interested in getting a permanent position at the Valley River store and bumping me to forty hours.  He also said that if I take this, it included a trip in May out to a manager training in Dallas, which will up my resume quite a bit in the future.  I said no, then continued to ask God what was going on and why He hated me.

Just kidding, I said yes and praised God.

So, what does this mean?  Jesus is great, man.  That's about it.  Things will still be a bit tight for a while, but it's amazing to see how He provides not in excess, but enough just to live for Him.  

Like I said at the beginning, I guess I just have monthly/yearly revelations about how crazy God's mercy and love can be.