Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Father.

God is incredible.  His love, grace, and gentleness.  You always everyone say hear He doesn't give you more than you can handle,  He wants you to be patient and depend on Him, and I was tested pretty recently with this.

I was needing to move out of the house I was at last week.  Within a month I saved up for a deposit on a new place thanks to my job for giving me a raise and more hours, as well as my family being awesome for my birthday.  I found a little spot that if I lived there I'd be living on an extremely tight budget. My awesome boss lady tells me there's a position for a low income/developmental disability housing on site manager that I should apply for, working three hours a day for an apartment to stay in.  I do it, and literally a day before I was supposed to be out I'm called for an interview.  Meanwhile, the little apartments I was looking at finally answer their phone and tell me I'm approved on the way over for the meeting.  I'm okay with it, I don't really think much about what I'm going to at this point, thinking that the chances of me getting this would be slim and the move in date would probably be a while.  I pray, I'm unusually comfortable and almost numb walking in to the building, and the interview starts.

The main supervisor is a guy I've met a few times doing volunteer work over at the Mission, it's my boss lady's husband, incredibly nice guy.  We start talking about usual interview stuff, how to handle situations and conflict etc., next thing you know it's been almost two hours, they ask me to go check out the apartment to see if I'd even be interested.  We head over, and it's huge.  The place is so nice compared to what I was originally looking at.  They pull me to the side and tell me that they've interviewed a number of people before me and I apparently nailed the interview.  They then told me I would get the key to the place that day if I wanted the job.

I said no.

The end.

Not really, I tried to hold back the excitement and be normal, but on the inside I was about to explode with happiness.  After three years of being out from Alabama, this is the first time I'll be on my feet financially and be able to help with things I've dreamed of.  Jesus, through my boss, just dropped a major blessing on me and I don't even know what to do now.  I'm used to having to fight through things, yes God has kept his hand on me throughout this with everyone in my Crash family helping me out (which I am eternally grateful for), but it's nice to see ahead of me without being a burden on anyone else.

With these blessings, I still see my friends hurting with various troubles, some major, some minor, but in the end it all comes down to patience and depending on Jesus.  I ask you guys to pray for us all out here, there's a lot of pain that needs to be healed, financially, emotionally, and physically.  We can't get anywhere without God, and i there are a lot of battles ongoing and ahead of us.  So keep us strong!  I've not done everything right since I've been here, and still God just slaps me in the face with love right at the last minute.

Love you guys,

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